Party Lighting

Do you enjoy the excitement of a dynamic light show? We can make your wedding reception feel like a dance club! All these effects can be set on “auto/move with the music” or can be controlled by a light operator for a beautifully synchronized light show. Choose among a variety of lighting effects.

  • Party lighting for Austin wedding reception
  • Dance party lighting for Austin wedding reception
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  • lasers.jpg

Our party light atmosphere includes:

  • Moving Lights/Scanners - These lights rotate 270 degrees, flash, and change colors and patterns.
  • Laser Lights - Shoot different color beams of light through the air.
  • Par Cans - These are the same lights we use for uplighting and give a broad wash of color where it is directed. They make great dance floor lights and can change color, flash, fade or simply splash a single color over a broad area.
  • Hazer - Brings life to the beams of light, not just what the light is shining on. Water based and non-allergenic, a hazer releases small droplets of water so you can see the light in the air!
  • Fog Machine - Like a hazer, but thicker and more dramatic. What to make it look like you’re on a different planet? You need a fog machine.
  • Black Lights - Make all those white parts of the room and clothing glow!

Check out our party lights in action!