Other Services

Live hashtagging, spotlighting, and more!

  • Live Event Hashtagging: Create your own hashtag and any pictures or comments by your guests show up on your video screen in slide show format!

  • Wireless Speaker Connection: Wirelessly transmit audio signal to a remote location up to 200 feet without any wires. Great for situations where you want the DJ's sound system to be heard outside, in another room, or in the back of a large room. Will work through most walls, but may cut down on the distance.

  • Battery Powered DJ: Having your ceremony in the middle of the woods? Need your DJ to perform out the back of a pickup truck? We can do that! Our rechargeable battery generator can power a small sound system up to 2.5 hours. Great for remote locations and situations where electricity is unavailable and music or voice aplification is needed. Creates no fumes and no noise!

  • Spotlighting: Direct all attention to your first dance, performance, cake cutting, or anything else!