Custom Mixes

Having your wedding out of town or even out of country? Just want an awesome mix where you can just hit play and the party starts? Have Spacecraft make you a seamless mix of music created and recorded by a professional DJ. Submit a list of songs, artists, or styles and receive a file with a mix for your wedding. We can even throw in some songs that flow well with your choices to round out the length.

We have three levels of mixing available:

1. Premade: We have lots of mixes already made. Let us know what you're after and we can send some samples. If you like a premade mix, then we can send it your way.

2. Custom: Send us a list of songs and we'll stitch them together into a fun mix!

3. Live/Studio mix: Most difficult, but also best sounding option. Timing is flawlessly synced and audio quality superb.

Listen below to a custom mix we made for a wedding in Belize!