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Ceremony music and microphone service

We can provide soft ambiance and sound amplification for your wedding ceremony. Below are a few services we offer.

  • Ceremony prelude, processional, interlude, and postlude music.
  • Sound system
  • Lapel mic for officiant and/or groom
  • Microphone on stand, if needed
  • DJ table and tablecloth*
  • Access to online music planning system
  • All associated setup time

*Not all DJs are equipped to handle these items.

Ceremony Lapel Mics

Below are some images of our lapel mics in action. They are very discreet and will provide ample sound so everyone can hear your ceremony. We have lapel mics available for both the groom and officiant if desired, but usually one is all that's needed to hear each person.

officiant mic.jpeg
officiant 3.jpg
officant mic 2.jpeg

Ceremony DJ setup

This is our modest setup we typically use for ceremonies.

Gabriel Springs Georgetown 3.JPG
Mercury Hall 8.JPG
Kelly_Aaron_HummingbirdHouse (6).JPG
Gabriel Springs Georgetown 2.JPG
Kelly_Aaron_HummingbirdHouse (1).JPG