DJ Ryan - Tenroc

DJ Ryan's First Wedding at Tenroc Ranch

With a trunk full of speakers and a back seat full of lights, mixers and microphones, I ventured out to Tenroc Ranch in Salado to solo DJ a wedding for the first time. Having DJ’d several college parties in the past, I had a certain level of confidence, but was still nervous about facing all the unknown factors of a wedding on my own.

The Tenroc Ranch is a beautiful, simplistic venue. The illuminated, walkways usher guests down to stone altar, which lays among the towering oak trees and quiet streams of the ranch’s neighboring forest where ceremonies are held. Receptions take place in the quaint, ranch-style banquet hall, just a short walk away. The week’s weather report all but guaranteed clouds and rain for this November Saturday, putting the planned outdoor ceremony in jeopardy.

Upon arriving at the Ranch, an hour and 30 minutes north of Austin, I immediately met the bride and her mother, who gave a me a final rundown about how they envisioned the night progressing. With the rain still lightly sprinkling, the dancefloor and all its trimmings was the first thing to be set up. Once the lights were set and the sound check was just right, the ceremony equipment was next to be setup. Thankfully, the rain had subsided, and I was able set up speakers and a mixer underneath a tree. With the officiant mic’d up, the ceremony went smoothly, and it was time for the reception.

Once most of the guests had finally settled into their seats, the bridal party, as an entire group, was introduced to Katy Perry’s “Firework”. Immediately following, Christina Aguilera “Come On Over” and a cheer from the crowd introduced the newly-wed couple as husband and wife for the first time. As they approaching the dancefloor, the couples favorite song, Texas-Country artist Cody Johnson’s “Amazing”, accompanied them for their first dance. With that, the BBQ buffet line opened and guests filled their plates with brisket, baked beans and coleslaw while a singer-songwriter duo provided calming dinner music. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents made very heartwarming toasts and sent their best wishes to the new couple.

After dinner, the dance floor opened up to more upbeat songs by Cody Johnson and other Texas Country artists. With some 90’s pop and current hip-hop mixed in, guests danced until midnight. It was a very successful, first wedding that I was able to take several lessons away from, and I’m highly anticipating all the events I have planned in the coming months.

  • Entrance to Tenroc Ranch
  • Tenroc Ranch Ballroom