Different Day, Different DJ

When people hear the word “DJ” quite a few different ideas may pop into their heads. Before I started at Spacecraft, I had very limited experience with DJs. I’d hear them on the radio, at clubs, at even went to a few shows. However, the same personality usually isn’t performing at each of those various events.

Truth be told, there are many iterations of what it means to be a DJ. It’s also rarely as simple as pressing play on a laptop and calling yourself one. Let’s take a look at just a few of the roads a DJ might take in their career. Hopefully, this will clear up any fog as to why a wedding DJ won’t be the same as that club DJ you heard down on Austin’s 6th last Saturday.

Professional Wedding DJ (link to DJ bios)- Good ones know there will be a variety of demographics, ages, and musical tastes. Each wedding is planned individually and it’s rare the same playlist is used twice because of all the customization involved. They meet with clients, meet with other vendors involved, and often MC the wedding by making announcements. Wedding DJs love what they do, but are also business owners and take pride in making sure their customers are happy. This means that, most of the time anyway, they know the show is not about them. At the end of the day, happy brides and grooms are who promote them.

Club DJ- These guys are around so you can dance. Typically in casual dress and letting the bass flow freely, they play what they want from 9pm to 2am. Don’t expect to always be able to make requests, however, it doesn’t always matter as long as the party keeps moving. They’re there for atmosphere and a talented one won’t having any trouble keeping it going all night.

Radio DJ- You hear them every day- usually on your way to work. Big personalities and good at keeping a conversation going, they talk about current events in the morning then spin some tracks into the night. Radio DJs are like awesome neighbors. They always know what’s going on in the area and when fun events are coming up.

Touring/show DJ- This is like the big leagues for club DJs who finally broke out. Think Tiesto, David Guetta, and Skrillex. Show DJs mix their music on stage and prepare their sets in advance. It’s like going to a rock concert. You’re going to hear your favorite song off that one album and every is going to go crazy.

Bedroom DJ- A bedroom DJ is similar to a garage band. They’re usually people who like to play music as a hobby after work. The basic setup you’d need is generally a laptop, mixer, and a couple of decks. This all can fit on a desk as long as you don’t go too big. Bedroom DJs can have a lot of skill and you can hear many of them through sites like YouTube and SoundCloud.

There are a lot of DJs out there. Just know, while you're shopping for your wedding DJ, that they are here for you and not to drop their latest single.