Choosing the Right Style of Venue

One of the first decisions couples have to make when planning their weddings is where they want the big day to be held. This choice is also usually done about a year and a half before they even think about the “I do’s”. Picking a perfect venue is a daunting task- you have to think about location, size, style, price, time of year, day of the week, and accommodations just to name a few. To say the least, it can be a little stressful.

But fear not! Spacecraft has worked with venues all over Austin and we thought it was high time to make a list to help brides narrow their choices down. This list is all about style. Not favorites and by no means will it be all encompassing. These venues are the ones that popped into our heads when we thought things like rustic, elegant, or modern.

Texas Old Town - Tejas Hall 3.JPG

Rustic - Texas Old Town

Rustic in Texas means cowboys, wood, leather, iron, horses, and ranches. There are many great venues that qualify around these parts. Texas Old Town is a place we work with frequently and has a variety of spaces available for weddings. Each space is unique and gorgeous in its own right so brides have several options to get just the right look.

Villa Antonia.jpeg

Elegant - Villa Antonia

Austin has no shortage of beautiful venues. Why go all the way to Italy when you can have a destination wedding here at home? Villa Antonia is nestled in the hills and looks as if it was plucked right out of wine country.

Kelly_Aaron_HummingbirdHouse (4).JPG

Outdoors - Hummingbird House

Nature people like myself would get married up in a tree if they could, but if you’re looking to bring guests they might want somewhere to sit down. Hummingbird House has spectacular grounds and photogenic spaces that will put any wedding one with nature.


Classic - Mercury Hall

Traditional venues will be popular for as long as people continue getting married. Mercury Hall is a quaint, little place for indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Inside, it mirrors a countryside chapel and has modest decorations.


Modern - The Plant at Kyle

Think lofts, steel, and lots of glass. Modern settings like The Plant at Kyle are forging their own niche in the wedding scene. The flexible space offers many possibilities for the right couple.

Dunvegan Keep 23.JPG

Fantasy - Dunvegan Keep

Do you want to be an actual princess for your wedding? Do you love Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings? Then Austin has a little castle that will be right up your alley. Dunvegan Keep is a storybook fantasy where you can almost see the fairies dancing through the gardens. Stone, murals, medieval architecture, and flowers cover the grounds creating the perfect backdrop for any lord and lady.