Budgeting for your Wedding DJ

It’s no surprise that weddings can get expensive quickly. There are so many things to factor in: planner, catering, alcohol, music, dress, venue, date, invitations, decorations, and so on. Deciding what’s important to you can help allocate funds to different items.

So how do you decide how much you’d like to budget for a wedding DJ? What all determines their prices? How do you know if you’re getting a good one? Are any discounts available? We wrote a blog outlining some important questions to ask your potential DJ and below will go over reasons as to why their rates fall where they do.

Just because a DJ pitches himself at a seemingly low rate doesn’t mean that he’s a bad DJ. It may mean that he doesn’t have as much experience as someone who has been DJing for 10 years or he has very low overhead and can pitch a low cost. Also, he might not bring as much equipment at that base price. Some DJs only bring their turntables and mixer for low rates since their setup is smaller.

Experience usually comes with a higher price tag. Just like any job, the long you do it, the better you get at it making your services and time valuable. DJs who have been in the business longer know how to handle a stressful situation should it arise (like their primary laptop failing. Experienced DJs know to bring back-ups of their libraries for emergencies). They can also give suggestions of songs for different moods or genres versus just saying, “I’ll play whatever you like.” At this point in their career, they’ve probably formed good relationships with other vendors and if you’re still needing a photographer, for example, they can give some recommendations about some they’ve worked with in the past. Their gear is usually better quality as well since they can invest back into their business. You’re more than likely able to utilize more services from them as well such as uplighting, video projection, and audio recording.

A great way to know you’re looking at a good DJ is to simply read their reviews. Most established DJs will be on sites like Yelp and Google and have a whole host of client reviews for your perusal.

A good DJ will bring a fun atmosphere without trying to steal the show. He knows it’s your day and he’ll do everything he can to keep everyone dancing and having a great time.