It’s no surprise that weddings can get expensive quickly. There are so many things to factor in: planner, catering, alcohol, music, dress, venue, date, invitations, decorations, and so on. Deciding what’s important to you can help allocate funds to different items.

So how do you decide how much you’d like to budget for a wedding DJ? What all determines their prices? How do you know if you’re getting a good one? Are any discounts available? We wrote a blog outlining some...

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Planning a wedding can be one of the hardest and most stressful things someone has to do, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is breaking it down in bite-sized chunks that make it more manageable. The 5 things to keep in mind when planning a wedding are: budget, size, location and style, season, and time of day. They make the basic wedding checklist with just about all the details falling under one of these categories. We’re going to run through these and hopefully that will help someone get a sense of where to begin!


How much do you want to spend? The average wedding in...


DJs get asked the same questions quite often and usually make an FAQ page to help clients answer anything right off the bat. However, there are some important questions that people might not think about asking wedding DJs before booking them. We’ve compiled a short list of some questions to think about when you’re browsing DJs for your big day!

1. How do you customize the music experience for each couple? Can you help with song lists and providing suggestions?

Typically, wedding DJs will have either some sort of online planning system where couples can log in...


With our new and improved karaoke site going live this week, we thought it would be fun to dive in and talk about how karaoke can be a great addition to an event.

First off, as you may know there are a couple of different styles of karaoke. One being the traditional Korean style and the other being the more American style of karaoke bars. I’ve found that the Asian style is a little more suited to introverts like myself. Get a group of friends, grab a room, order some drinks, and jump on the mic. You’re having a great time with...


When people hear the word “DJ” quite a few different ideas may pop into their heads. Before I started at Spacecraft, I had very limited experience with DJs. I’d hear them on the radio, at clubs, at even went to a few shows. However, the same personality usually isn’t performing at each of those various events.

Truth be told, there are many iterations of what it means to be a DJ. It’s also rarely as simple as pressing play on a laptop and calling yourself one. Let’s take a look at just a few of the roads a DJ might take in their career. Hopefully, this will clear up any fog as to why...


When shopping around for a wedding DJ, you may hear DJs tout how “experienced” or “skilled” they are. Experience and skills in the DJ world come in a few different forms.

Of course, there are skills developed by being a part of an event such as a wedding. DJs learn the typical chain of events over the course of a ceremony and reception, what role they play, and what is expected of them. With this, DJs also learn how to work with other vendors, clients and guests, developing their overall customer service skills.

The most important skill for an event DJ to have is reading the...


One of the first decisions couples have to make when planning their weddings is where they want the big day to be held. This choice is also usually done about a year and a half before they even think about the “I do’s”. Picking a perfect venue is a daunting task- you have to think about location, size, style, price, time of year, day of the week, and accommodations just to name a few. To say the least, it can be a little stressful.

But fear not! Spacecraft has worked with venues all over Austin and we thought it was high time to make a list to help brides narrow their choices down....


Needless to say, we hear quite a few songs during any given year. It’s fun playing people’s favorites and requests because we know it’s going to get them out on the dance floor. The hard part comes when we want to narrow down that list and pick out our favorites! We spin from many different genres, so we thought we should pick a few songs from each that we enjoy at work and at home. Join us on this magical, musical journey.

Before we dive into 2014, I’d like to take a little road trip down memory lane.

DJ Ryan - Tenroc

With a trunk full of speakers and a back seat full of lights, mixers and microphones, I ventured out to Tenroc Ranch in Salado to solo DJ a wedding for the first time. Having DJ’d several college parties in the past, I had a certain level of confidence, but was still nervous about facing all the unknown factors of a wedding on my own.

The Tenroc Ranch is a beautiful, simplistic venue. The illuminated, walkways usher guests down to stone altar, which lays among the towering oak trees and quiet streams of the ranch’s neighboring forest where ceremonies are held. Receptions take place...


What a night! On Sunday October 5th, Spacecraft Entertainment helped celebrate the wedding of Aaron and Kelly in very unique fashion. Planners Lucy and Wendy from Ooh La Lovely Events put together a ceremony and reception that were sprinkled with inspirations from the newlywed’s favorite movies and TV shows.

The outdoor ceremony held at the Hummingbird House featured songs from the Hobbit, Star Wars, and classic Disney movies. After saying their vows, Aaron and Kelly helped each other slice into a Dr. Who themed cake, strolled in and...

DJ Jeff

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