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DJ Tyler

Tyler Olson has been a professional DJ for the past 15 years, holding residencies at clubs and DJing over 200 weddings here in Austin as well as his home town, Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to clubs and weddings he has DJed numerous individual events and festivals including SXSW, ESPN X-Games, The Honda Civic Tour and F1 racing. Tyler prides himself on his wide range of music knowledge and the ability to seamlessly cross-blend through different genres. Using his 15 years of experience, Tyler excels at helping to meticulously create wedding timelines and always presents himself as a seasoned, articulate host on the microphone at each and every event he is a part of.

Tyler has a knack for sensing the mood of the crowd and providing just what is needed when it is needed, always leaving the audience satisfied. He firmly believes that being a good DJ includes possessing the ability to be universal; this means being able to select and blend many different styles of music and do it well.