Spacecraft Wedding DJs

We have a great group of talented DJs who can spin the beats, provide the lights and be the Master of Ceremony for your wedding day in Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas!

dj jeff hudson austin spacecraft entertainment

Owner and senior DJ at Spacecraft Entertainment, Jeff Hudson, CSEP has a vast 15 year experience in the entertainment industry. Jeff studied classical and jazz music in college, played trombone and bass in a number of groups including The Spazmatics, an 80s tribute show and on cruise ships. In 2009 he fell in love with DJing and formed Spacecraft Entertainment in Austin, TX.

The styles of music that DJ Jeff spins depends entirely upon the event and client. His personal taste in music is very diverse which is one reason he loves DJing. Every...

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Steven had music in his blood from a early age - born a distant cousin to Elvis Presley. Before this future DJ could buy his own music he enjoyed organizing his dad's 8-track and vinyl, including everything from Bee Gees to Elvis. "My parents had such diverse music taste so I was exposed to everything. I started buying my own music on cassette and CD and got into the whole break dance scene. Later, I went through a rock phase that culminated with me working for radio station Z-Rock in Austin, Texas as a part time sidekick on the nationally known Sharkman Show. One of my favorite moments...

Spacecraft DJ Jack Austin wedding DJ.jpeg

Jack has performed at over 100 events including weddings, clubs, corporate events, house parties, and school events. He grew up with a musician father (and a whole family of music lovers) and has been surrounded by music his whole life. He started buying albums and playing drums at the age of 10. After years of discovering new music and going through a ton of different music phases, he now has a broad knowledge and love for all kinds of genres and decades of music.

“When I got into DJing, I enjoyed the opportunity to share the music I love with people and make them happy. One thing I...

dj tyler spacecraft wedding dj austin

Tyler Olson has been a professional DJ for the past 15 years, holding residencies at clubs and DJing over 200 weddings here in Austin as well as his home town, Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to clubs and weddings he has DJed numerous individual events and festivals including SXSW, ESPN X-Games, The Honda Civic Tour and F1 racing. Tyler prides himself on his wide range of music knowledge and the ability to seamlessly cross-blend through different genres. Using his 15 years of experience, Tyler excels at helping to meticulously create wedding timelines and always presents himself as a...

Spacecraft DJ Keith Austin weddings corporate events.jpg

Keith's parents surrounded him with a wide variety of music ranging from disco, funk, jazz, and rock at an early age. There was always something playing on the console stereo. With his interest peaked, he began collecting music at the age of 7. Once in high school music took a new and exciting turn, it was the birth of hip hop. Due to the popularity of this new music style Keith took up break dancing with his pals around the school lunchroom. After accomplishing his skills he and his “crew” decided to enter a contest at a local teen club. They perfected a routine over the course of a few...

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DJ Bob is a career DJ, musician, singer/songwriter, and producer from Austin, TX. He has played in bands since high school and then turned to DJing as an outlet for his creativity. Very quickly he became in high demand all across the state of Texas. Bob genuinely enjoys music of all genres and loves nothing more than getting the dance party started. He has performed dozens of events as a DJ and hundreds of events as a band leader. He prides himself on his ability to please a crowd. Bob is motivated to deliver the highest quality product for each and every client. He will do whatever it...