What is beat matching?

Most of Spacecraft DJs beat match when the dancing begins. Beat matching is when a DJ makes a smooth transition between songs and the dance beat continues seamlessly. It is not like radio DJ's that just fade out one song and then play the next song. This technique is what many DJ's do in clubs and is great for keeping the dance floor going! Keep in mind that not all songs can be beat matched with the next song. If you want country and pop dance music for example, it is not expected for a wedding DJ to beat match from a George Strait song to a Lady Gaga song. Only if you were going from Lady Gaga to Chris Brown or LMFAO could the DJ beat match the music.

Also, if your DJ gets a request that is of drastically different tempo, key, or style than the current song, don't expect it to be beat matched if it is played next. A DJ needs time to plan transitions. When spinning motown, singer songwriter, or swing music during cocktail hour or dinner your DJ will also not likely beat match. He or she will be focusing on song selection and the next announcement to be made. Your Spacecraft Entertainment DJ will start beat matching when the dance party starts.