Before you book with us...

How much do you charge to DJ weddings?

The answer depends on several factors including length of wedding, night of week, and services requested. For a quote, contact us and we will get right back with a quote.

Who will be the DJ at my wedding?

DJ Jeff spins the majority of Spacecraft Entertainment weddings. If he is not available to DJ for you, it will be made clear from the very beginning and you will be introduced to another very professional Spacecraft wedding DJ.

Can I meet our DJ before we make a decision?

Absolutely. We encourage you to do so. Whether your DJ is Jeff Hudson or another member of SE’s staff you will have an opportunity to meet, ask questions, and go over the details of your wedding with your DJ.

Do you do ceremony music as well?

Yes. Spacecraft Entertainment Weddings can provide wedding prelude, processional, ceremony, and recessional songs as part of our DJ service. Our online music planning system allows you to login and list all the important songs for your wedding ceremony.

Will you also MC our wedding?

Yes. Spacecraft Entertainment DJs make announcements and are the master of ceremonies for most weddings we do. We pride ourselves in making clear, professional announcements, not putting on a show, not telling jokes, and not trying to "hype up the crowd." If you have designated someone else as the master of ceremonies, we are happy to be DJ only.

If you have never performed at my venue can you still work there?

We are very accustomed to stepping into new environments and can step in and have no issues with the venue. One reason we give ourselves plenty of time for set up before an event is to trouble-shoot if needed. We also call ahead to new venues to cover our bases.

Can I see how your music planning site works?

dj intell.jpg

Definitely! Our online planning tool makes it easy for you to pick every piece of music that plays (and when it plays). The image to the right is a snippet of how in-depth our system is. Feel free to give it a test run by using our sample login here:

Event date: December 29, 2018

Password: sample321

Are Spacecraft DJs willing to travel?

Yes, we will travel anywhere we are requested. Within 50 miles of Austin, there is no additional charge to have a Spacecraft DJ at your wedding. Our travel charge within 100 miles of Austin is reasonable and we often travel to San Antonio, Waco, and much of the Texas Hill Country. Beyond that, additional charge is determined by time and travel expenses involved.

Are you insured?

Yes. Spacecraft Entertainment Weddings carries a $2,000,000 liability policy and can provide copies of our certificate upon request. This amount satisfies 99% of all venues where we perform DJ services. In the event your venue requires more insurance, we will buy a single event supplemental policy to be sure we are covered for your wedding.

Do you have references?

Yes. We would love for you to hear from some of our satisfied wedding clients! Just let us know.

To see what our past clients are saying about our DJ and MC services, please visit our Testimonials page.

What is your cancellation policy?

For cancellations made more than 90 days before an event you've scheduled with Spacecraft Entertainment Weddings, you may use the deposit towards DJ services on another date (subject to availability). Within 90 days of the event, the deposit may not be refunded in any form.

Do you give discounts for DJ/MC services?

Occasionally, Spacecraft Entertainment Weddings will offer discounts for off nights and during slow seasons. If you are particularly budget conscious and would like to know if your event qualifies, just ask.

How do you handle venue and local ordinance sound level restrictions?

We are happy to work with venues, local laws and their volume regulations. When volume is a concern, we can bring a Decibel Meter to be sure we fall within exact requirements. We simply need to know the maximum allowable volume (as measured in DB) and the point where that volume must be observed (often the property line or a nearby residence).

Booking Process and Before the Wedding

What does the booking process entail?

Our process for weddings is first off, getting to know you and seeing if we're a good fit for each other. The booking process involves holding your date, getting a sense for the services you need, drafting a contract, and deposits. After the paperwork is out of the way, we set you up with Jeff's customized online planning system so you can list all your specials songs, favorite styles, announcements, lighting requests, and everything else important for us to know. Any questions you have along the way are answered promptly by us. About one week before the wedding, we have our final talk through to go over all the details. After that, you can relax knowing your wedding will go smoothly and everyone will have a good time.

What is required to reserve a date with you?

We will put a hold on your date for 7 days when you give us verbal agreement to hire us. Beyond that time, we require a signed contract and 50% deposit to reserve the date for your Spacecraft wedding DJ. Our DJs are in high demand and we find that 7 days is plenty of time to get the paperwork done and then begin the fun part - planning your music!

Can we make changes to our order after signing a contract?

Yes, you certainly can. Since we require a 50% deposit to reserve your date you still have a remaining balance due before the wedding. If you need to add or detract any services after the contract is signed, then those charges or subtractions are made to the balance due.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Spacecraft Entertainment Weddings accepts cash, check, PayPal, and major credit cards.

In the event of emergency or illness, do you have backup DJs?

In our 12 years of working events as band members, DJs, and service providers, we have never needed to back out of an event due to illness or emergency. That is not to say it can never happen, but we want to assure you that we have "the show must go on" type mentality here at Spacecraft. In the unlikely event of being unable to make the wedding, we will do everything in our power to find a suitable replacement. We have several DJ's who work for us and a large network of other DJ's who do weddings in Austin. We are confident that should an emergency arise, we will find someone who can step in and help out last minute!

What styles of music will you play at our wedding?

The style(s) and songs you want for your wedding is what we will play. All of our clients receive a unique sign in/password for our online music planning system. There you are able to plan out all of the styles, special songs, requests, and other musical details of your wedding including "do not play" songs or styles. We have experience DJing at a variety of weddings and have a vast library of music. If you request a song we don’t have, we add it to our library at no additional charge. If you request a style of music that we are not very familiar with (e.g., some styles of world music, culturally specific songs, etc.) we will simply ask for a song list or CD of specific songs to add to your custom mix.

Do you attend the rehearsal?

We typically do not attend the rehearsal as our planning tools and talk through cover all the details we need to be prepared and execute the ceremony music effectively. The only instance we would recommend a DJs presence at a rehearsal would be if the musical cues are unusually complicated. If you give us the order of the processional, which songs to play, and who is the cue for me to start each song, we're set. Much of this is covered on the forms and certainly talked through with whoever is involved about one week before the wedding.

Where do you suggest we put the DJ in the layout of the room?

The closer we are to the dance floor, the better! Ideally, directly adjacent to the dance floor is best. That way, our speakers do not have to boom over tables and possibly be too loud for people sitting there. Also, it helps our DJs see and be in touch with people dancing, making toasts, and doing other activities. In the end, it's your decision though where we'll be set up.

The Music

Do you take requests?

We are happy to take requests if you want us to. Our online music planning system allows you to choose between the following options: "Take all requests possible," "Take requests only if they fit within the styles you outline," and "Do not take any requests."

Can we edit songs for first dances, etc.?

Absolutely! You can make all of your initial choices with our music planner and go back to edit them later if you wish. We also give you a call around 7 days before your wedding as a final rundown of how your day will go. You can make changes to your musical preferences then as well.

I am not sure what style or songs I want. Can you help us choose or “read the crowd”?

We love working with couples, providing song ideas and helping to choose the perfect wedding music for you and your guests. We are professional, experienced DJs and can help you choose styles and special songs; we're also adept at reading the crowd when no specific direction is given. We're well-versed in a variety of genres appropriate for

  • Wedding prelude music
  • Wedding ceremony processional songs
  • Wedding recessional songs
  • Cocktail hour music
  • Bridal party introduction songs
  • First dances
  • Mother-son and father-daughter dances
  • Bridal party dance songs
  • Dinner music
  • Cake cutting songs
  • Bouquet and garter toss songs
  • Open wedding dance music (including oldies, classics, current dance, country, hip hop, line dances, Latin, Jewish, Indian, Italian, Persian, polkas, etc.)

Do you play cheesy music or have a cheesy personality?

At Spacecraft Entertainment, we do not play cheesy songs (e.g. Chicken Dance, YMCA, etc.) unless they are specifically requested by you. Further, we are enthusiastic and professional, but do not bring an over-bearing or corny personality to your reception and wedding; we're not there to steal the show or tell jokes. As the wedding MC, we make clear, professional announcements when needed and focus on a smoothly running and fun reception.

Do you have clean versions of songs?

Definitely. We will find and play whatever version of a song you tell us with our online music planning feature. We even have the option where you can select for us to play clean or explicit versions of songs.

What is beat matching?

Most of Spacecraft DJs beat match when the dancing begins. Beat matching is when a DJ makes a smooth transition between songs and the dance beat continues seamlessly. It is not like radio DJ's that just fade out one song and then play the next song. This technique is what many DJ's do in clubs and is great for keeping the dance floor going! Keep in mind that not all songs can be beat matched with the next song. If you want country and pop dance music for example, it is not expected for a wedding DJ to beat match from a George Strait song to a Lady Gaga song. Only if you were going from Lady Gaga to Chris Brown or LMFAO could the DJ beat match the music.

Also, if your DJ gets a request that is of drastically different tempo, key, or style than the current song, don't expect it to be beat matched if it is played next. A DJ needs time to plan transitions. When spinning motown, singer songwriter, or swing music during cocktail hour or dinner your DJ will also not likely beat match. He or she will be focusing on song selection and the next announcement to be made. Your Spacecraft Entertainment DJ will start beat matching when the dance party starts.

Additional Services

Can you provide ceremony microphones?

We can offer lapel mics for groom/officiant, mics on stand, or wireless handheld mics. Lapel mics make it easy for everyone to hear who is speaking- especially the groom. Our prices are $25 for wired and $50 for wireless lapel. Typically the wireless lapel mic is used for the officiant and the wired handheld is used for readers or singers, etc.

How loud or sensitive is the lapel mic?

The lapel mic on the officiant will likely pick up your voices but not "loud and clear". How loud and clear depends on how loudly you both speak, how closely the officiant stands to you, and any environmental noises. If the officiant stands about 2, maybe 3 feet away from you, there is minimal environmental noise, and you both speak loudly and clearly, you will likely be heard. If you are both just repeating vows from the officiant then the one mic is plenty. If you are reading original vows and it's important for you to be heard, we would recommend using the second handheld mic or a second wireless lapel mic on you (the groom). A second lapel mic is $50 and the handheld is included.

What other services do you offer?

We also offer uplighting, monogram projection, video projection, and party lighting in an à la carte pricing style if interested.

About Jeff Hudson

How did you choose the name of your company?

I chose Spacecraft Entertainment for a number of reasons. First, I like astronomy and wanted to conjure the thought of vast and wondrous possibilities in entertainment, just like the thought of outer space. Second, I like the meanings of the two root words of Spacecraft – space and craft. Every artists hones his craft and has a space in which he does it. My craft is DJ-ing and creating a fun atmosphere. My space can be everything from my home studio to a wedding venue or dance club. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy a ride on a spacecraft? Hence, Spacecraft Entertainment!

What is your entertainment background?

I started off as a classical and jazz musician, playing trombone and upright bass in various ensembles. I studied music composition in college and then toured the world working on cruise ships playing electric bass in show bands. Since 2004, I have been cast as bass player/nerd “Geoffrey” for The Spazmatics, an 80s tribute show of Perfect World Entertainment. I began DJing in 2009 and quickly fell in love with this creative avenue for sharing music with people, so I started my own DJ service in Austin, TX - Spacecraft Entertainment.

What is your DJ/musical style?

The styles of music that I spin at a given event depends entirely upon the client who hires me. My personal taste in music is very diverse. I enjoy swing, country, pop, dance, electronic, singer songwriters, and more which is one reason I love DJing. Every wedding, party, and club asks for different style(s) of music and keeps my job fun! As far as my technical DJ style goes, I use a Macbook Pro, Technics 1200 turntables, a TTM57sl or Pioneer DJM800 mixer, Serato Scratch Live software, beat match whenever possible spinning dance music, and scratch sparingly when DJing Hip Hop.

What is your MC style?

As the master of ceremonies at your wedding reception, I make very clear and professional announcements. I do not get on the mic more than needed and don’t try to “pump up the crowd” or tell jokes. I like to let the music set the mood.

What do you like to do for fun?

In my spare time I enjoy gardening, home improvement, playing board games, dancing, going to sporting events and spending time with friends and family. I recently learned how to make sushi and have enjoyed making that a regular occurrence. How does “Jeff’s Sushi Palace” sound? I think it will be a hit.